Madeireira Rio Claro has long been committed to respecting and preserving of the environment. The pine logs used as the main source of raw material come from selected suppliers, which provide us the guarantee of its origin. It assures us that their products a comply with the existing environmental and fiscal regulations. Furthermore, we have suppliers that also hold FSC® certification, which ensures responsible and environmentally appropriate raw material production

The acquisition of certified raw material allows Madeireira Rio Claro to seal its plywood with the FSC label in the modality called Chain of Custody. This is a procedure that permits traceability of a certified material from the forest to the final customer, assuring that the whole process was socially just, environmentally responsible and economically viable.

The Chain of Custody enables our customers to resell certified products or to incorporate them into new remanufactured products, which makes them also certified.

By observing the national and international environmental regulations, we are acknowledged as an environmentally friendly and technically prepared company, which tests their Materials and plywood panels in our own laboratories.

We take special care of the environment around our production plant. Our automated boilers provide us total control over biomass burning processes (pine chips), allowing gases and particles emission inferior to 10% of the limits set by the Brazilian environmental legislation.

All industrial process waste such as sawdust, general dust and wood chips are collected by the exhausting system composed by filters that capture particles and drive them to be used as biomass for vapor generation in our boilers. The company holds, every six months, measurements of emissions in our equipment, which has evidenced that the release of particles into the environment has not reached 2% of the limit established by law.

All the waste from the production of plywood and panels veneers is reused. The water used to wash machines is reused in the production process. Waste generated from maintenance of machinery or other processes, if not reused, they are properly discarded through a legally qualified company, which makes the collection and packaging of the material.

We have always been seeking preservation of the environment because we believe that only with environmentally friendly attitudes there will be a better world for future generations.


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