This is a brief text about the origins of our city Rio Azul.

History of Rio Azul – Paraná- Brazil

The first settlers to reach the territory, presently nominated Rio Azul, were originally from Portugal; Claudio Amancio de Oliveira, Domingos Soares Ramos, Frederico Ferreira, Joaquim Correia Lopes, Joaquim Marinho and Jose Lourenço Cardoso arrived here around 1885 bringing along their tradition and customs to the region.

Opening the pathway in the new land was a hard work carried out by the pioneers who settled in the region launching roots to a village initially named Roxo Roiz.

With the extension of the tracks of the Railroad São Paulo-Rio Grande do Sul, to the town in December 1902 was inaugurated the railway station which received the same name of the town of Roxo Roiz.

The arrival of the railroad boosted progress to the region. The advent of trains opened the pathway to the economic development of agriculture, extractive industries of wood and yerba mate, as well as, agricultural activities and livestock with extraordinary growth. This successful cycle caused a massive movement of new inhabitants to the forthcoming town.

The Decree No. 461 estabilished a police district named “Cachoeira”, settled in Roxo Roiz Train Station, in the city of Irati , in November 27th, 1907.

Around 1908, the village received immigrants from Poland and Ukraine nation. These settlers founded a district called Colônia Rio Azul.

In 1913, Roxo Roiz was elevated to the status of Judicial District, to Later, in 1918 became the an independent county.

In the meantime the city’s name was changed to Marumby and, in 1929, the municipality was finally given its current name, Rio Azul.

The Company in the City


Currently Rio Azul is 104 years. It is located in the region called “Centro-Sul”(Central part of the south region of Paraná State). The population is about 15,000 inhabitants. From this amount, 5,000 live in the urban area. The other major part of the population (around 10,000) lives in rural areas where the main economic activity is the tobacco plantation.

Nowadays, Madeireira Rio Claro is the largest industry in city and one of the most representative in the region employing 320 direct employees and dozens of people who are indirectly benefited by the operation of the company.

We have been for over 30 years contributing to the economic growth of Rio Azul, directly and indirectly, by generating jobs to Rio Azul citizens who invest their wages in the local market, and by the payment of taxes to the municipal, state, and federal spheres.

We are proud of having employees who started working in the company since its conception up to the present days. Some of them are completing 30 years as part of our team. Besides, unlike other companies, we’ve been employing generations of families. We encourage our collaborators to bring their families to become part of our team in order to provide them better incomes and opportunities for professional growth in the company. For us, having families working here for generations is part of our policy to foster values as welfare and respect towards all the people who help us build our company every day.

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