What is certified Plywood?

Madeireira Rio Claro exports its products to many parts of the world such as Europe, USA, Asia, Africa, Middle East, Central America and Mercosur. The exportation of our products requires technical characteristics of quality and performance defined by the standards set by importing countries like the United States, Europe – EC Rules. These sets of standards are named Certification.

In order to have certification for a product, the company must hire a legally authorized agency to that end, in according to the international norms and regulatory standards. After aligning the procecess to the standard requirements an initial audit is carried out to assess whether the company fulfilled all the requirements and only then, receives the certification. Once certified, the company is audited regularly by this board, that checks whether the standard is being maintained regarding the traceability of the documents related to the production process, internal controls and testing in own laboratory. Once compliance with the standard and product traceability is proved, certification is maintained.

To meet the requirements of international quality standards, we have our own laboratories. One being used in the analysis of inputs, quality control tracking and continuous analysis of our veneers of plywood. The other laboratory, where temperature and moisture is carefully  intended to run tests as structural shear, bending, stiffness, permeability and others. Our panels used for shuttering are also tested in our own laboratories.


Madeireira Rio Claro Ltda was granted the following certifications:

CE 4 – EN 13986 – European Standard – non-Structural use


European Community certification for plywood that comprises products designed for use in civil construction comprising non-structural applications. These products feature are high durability of bonding, low formaldehyde emission and resistance to deterioration.
To fully comply with the requirements of the certification the company issues a Self-declaration stating that their products comply with this standard and then can be trades with the EC4 Label.

CE 2+ – EN 13986 – European Standard – Structural use


European plywood Certification comprises products designed for use in civil construction as structural elements that require resistance to loading, such as floors, walls, ceilings and others. These products have structural strength, high bonding durability, low formaldehyde emission and resistance to deterioration.

The Certifying board is the HFB – Engineering GMBH based in Leipzig in Germany.


FSC® – Forest Stewardship Council®

This certification assures that the products are manufactured employing raw material that comes from a responsible forest management that meets the environmental, social and economical criteria.
Furthermore, we have suppliers who hold FSC® certification as well; thereby, responsible management of the forests is assured.
The purchase of certified material enables Madeireira Rio Claro Ltda to trade its plywood with the FSC label in the Chain-of-Custody mode. The CoC is a process that assures traceability of the raw material from the certified forests to the final consumer and it means that the raw material comes from a forest management that is socially fair, environmentally responsible and economically feasible.
It enables our clients who hold valid CoC to resell certified products or even incorporate new remanufactured products. These products, in turn, can be certified as well.
Part of your production receives Chain-of-Custody FSC certification. This label confirms that the raw material comes from legal and responsible sources.



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